Sustainable Giving: A New Approach for Africa

Sustainable Giving: A New Approach for Africa

Traditionally we are accustomed to seeing children with swollen bellies and flies tactics as a ploy to give to African causes. Those issues are still prevalent but the causes are much more systemic and cannot be remedied by a simple handout. What Africa needs is a “helping hand!” We cannot forget that much of the NGO work has become a business enterprise that feeds upon itself and the things that it needs most to survive is poverty. They don’t get money if there is no cause to support; in other words they are only marginally interested in solving the core problem.

In article NGOs: The Missionaries of Empire written by By Devon DB of Global Research, March 03, 2012 he summarizes:

While NGOs can have a positive influence on society at large, one must be aware of their backgrounds, who is in charge of them, and from whom they are getting funding from because the nature of the NGO is changing, it is being more and more integrated into the imperial apparatus of domination and exploitation. NGOs are fast becoming the missionaries of empire.

This statement lays bare the reality that things are not getting better for the needy in Africa. The prayer of the weak is that someone strong comes along to help them, but not exploit their situation. The African Restoration Development Agency (ARDA) to create a new paradigm for giving and helping the continent. Unsaddled by large bureaucracy ARDA is poised to directly to inject assistance where is it needed to most and bring long term relief at a grass-roots level. Change will take place in Africa one person, one family and one community at a time. The long-term affects of colonization followed by neo-colonial economic policies have hampered the development of Africa; however it is not enough blame the past for present conditions.

If we want something better for Africa tomorrow then we must do something different today!

ARDA has targeted different causes designed for maximum affect; we are using the technology of the day to help the vulnerable as well as those who are already positive change agents for Africa. We recognized that we cannot do it all alone so we have partnered with various agencies that share our ethics and desire to benefit the needy.

We humbly ask that you be a part of this change for Africa; every dollar counts and collectively we will give hope and provide a brighter future for many.

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