Mission Statement

Vision – To create a sustainable and regenerative future for communities throughout the world.

Mission– To be a leading, innovative non-profit that provides the means by which individuals in any community can receive the knowledge and skills needed to build and maintain a healthy society – transform the people who will transform the world.

Core Values – It is our pledge to serve mankind utilizing regenerative approaches.  The work we do is a physical expression of our values.  It is simply how we live in action.

Innovation – Our creativity is never-ending. We continually strive to find a better way, raising the bar set only by our own standards of excellence.

Resourcefulness – Our ingenuity is one of our greatest strengths. By maximizing the use of our assets (human resources), we increase the scale and impact of our programs, allowing for us to sustain and expand our global reach.

Transformation – Our deep respect for the people and the planet drives our responsibility to change the human experience and global communities for the better.

 Commitment – Our unwavering commitment is to share our vision and values with the communities that we serve.

 Promise to our Donors – We truly maximize the use of every dollar we raise to create the most wide-reaching and effective programs.  Our promise to you is that you will be proud to be associated with us and share in the fulfillment of creating regenerative communities for the global family.

The truth is, blessings or curses are each the fruit (results) of the works of those upon whom they fall. Thereby, in the final analysis, man either blesses or curses himself. God and the Law of Relativity,  Ben Ammi, Communicators Press