The Restoration Village (Ghana)

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After 50 years of living outside of America, in Africa and Israel, we are convinced of the genius of our people. We are fully convinced of our ability to build an intelligent society in which every institution enhances our ability to live a healthy, unified and productive life.

We can live without polluting our air, water and soil. We can manufacture essential products in a way that preserves our environment. We can grow safe, nutritious food. We can source renewable energy and recycle our water resources. We can create a social atmosphere that feeds our sanity.

The African Restoration Development Agency (ARDA) and the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA) are committed to manifesting this vision in the Restoration Village Project – that is, building the life we want in a village where we and those of like mind and spirit can live. And we are asking you to join us in this effort.

The Restoration Village is being constructed on 123 acres of land on the Volta River in the Volta Region of Ghana, 1½ hours from the capital city Accra. The plan includes single-family housing, guesthouses, education, recreation and preventive healthcare facilities, organic agriculture cultivation, light industry in natural food production, eco-tourism and value-added enterprise development.

In this current agricultural phase, we have planted 5 acres of crops including banana and plantain trees, cabbage, kale greens, okra and moringa trees. Next we are planting breadfruit, soursop and ackee trees. By December 2019 we expect to have 2000 food and medicinal trees planted aside from moringa which by that time will be 5000 trees. This $25,000 being raised to push this stage is designed to create a local income stream to assist in the development of the project.

In the next phase, we will seek to raise $150,000 for the construction of dormitory housing and relative infrastructure to accommodate 20 workers on site and a guesthouse.

It is our desire to complete the construction by April 2020. But we need your help.

Contributions are tax-deductible and can be made through the ARDA website. (

Brothers and sisters the peace of mind that comes from having fashioned intelligent, purposed communities cannot be overstated. The balance we seek in holistic lifestyle, relationships, environment, commerce and conscience is becoming increasingly important — and elusive, in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. The reality is that communities that capture the fullness of our desires, will be the ones that we build.

Why the Restoration Village?

“The Restoration: of Love for our Continent, of Glory for our Culture; of Faith in our Vision and Confidence in our Ability”

What are we waiting for?